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Why should you use contract cleaners?

Have you considered having your premises professionally cleaned by an experienced professional cleaning company?

It is the most efficient and economical way of maintaining your premises cleaning standards.

Some of the benefits of having your premises cleaned by a professional cleaning company

1. All our staff are professionally trained so we can clean the premises better, faster and cheaper than full time staff.

2. All our staff are fully trained in Health and safety standards. You do not have to waste your budget having staff trained.

3. You get one monthly invoice so you don’t have the burden of dealing with preparing wages, deducting Prsi/ tax or monitoring overtime and holiday pay etc

4. We manage the cleaning team so you don’t have to waste valuable time organising and supervising cleaning staff. You won’t have the headache of dealing with absenteeism or organizing cover for holidays and sickness.

5. All our staff are covered under our insurance policy while they work on your premises. This will reduce your yearly insurance premium.

6. You concentrate on making your business a success while we make your business shine.

7. If it is agreeable to you we can let ourselves in and out of the premises as we do for other businesses in the Northwest.

Darcy Cleaning Services are an approved professional cleaning company with over 15 years experience cleaning schools, offices, homes, shops, cinemas and commercial/ industrial premises in the Northwest. We provide a wide range of cleaning services so whether you need a once off deep clean prior to an open day or if you need a daily/weekly service why not give Darcy Cleaning Services a call?