Citizen’s rights United (Cru) is an organisation that will work in the interests of bringing equality to all of the people.

Cru's main purpose now is, bringing together all individuals and organisations, which have concerns about the welfare and wellbeing of the Irish people. We will do everything that is possible to bring the centre of government to all the people.

It is a peoples association, which will demand the equal rights for all citizens.

Its duty is to enlighten and organise the people to bring the democratic change that will create an equal society.

The present system of government in Ireland and throughout the world work for an elite few, when something that benefits the vested interests of the elite comes to light, everything possible is put in place to dictate that the right thing for everyone is to implement these benefits.

People and communities, are ignored, sidelined, deceived and trampled over.

Those in authority are ignoring and eroding the rights of citizens. Major issues such environmental change, the construction of Eirgrid Pylons, fracking, dictated control of our bog lands, the destruction of the education and health systems, and a disregard for our agricultural and fishing industry.

Government is bulldozing through unpopular polices in rural areas without any regard or consultation with the people. The system of Government we have today is, driven by corruption and always will be because of its very nature.

Corruption is the poison that has killed the people rights. Corruption must be wiped out and power given to the people. CRU believes that the only way our people can take control of their own destiny is through The Brendanway Political System with no compromise.

The mass of the people must manage democracy in a way that equality is central to the community at all times.

We believe that the Brendanway political system is the first step in organising True Democracy. We also believe that those who stole our wealth must pay it back, and those who neglected or mismanaged their position of power be made answerable to the people.

They must never hold power again and their ill gained wealth be returned to the citizens.

We demand the full introduction of The Brendan way Political System.

The Brendanway Politicial System. Check:

The Irish people must take control of their country and manage it for the wellbeing of its entire people. It is the moral duty of every citizen to work towards this end.

Corruption is a poisoned sword; this weapon of injustice must be destroyed and vanished from society for all times. The mass of the people must organise and demand the necessary changes, and accept nothing less than a system of equality for all. The people must make that change happen by putting obstacles in the way of the operating of the rotten system, which is now in place.

The mass of the people must organise and demand the necessary changes, and accept nothing less than a system of equality for all.

A political revolution is necessary to protect our future.

Our demands for a New Ireland

  • The Introduction of the Brendan Way Political System.

  • Stop bank bailout now.

  • Take our stolen wealth back from the fraudsters.

  • Break the link of big business and financial institutions from government.

  • Stop all hospital closures, and changes, which weaken our health, education and social fabric.

  • All over-head cables; electric or otherwise would be illegal unless underground was not possible.

  • Fracking would be illegal.

  • Any changes that would effect the environment would have to be a decision of the people

  • Local communities would have to be consulted and have a say in any changes, which may be necessary in their area.

The Brendan Way system

  • 1. Free Education.

  • 2. Free healthcare.

  • 3. National Income.

  • 4. National Presidential Court.

  • 5. National Investigation Team.

  • 6. Public Interview Board.

  • 7. National Presidential Council.

  • 8. Referendum on any disposable of national assets.

  • 9. Negative equity solutions for all residential owner occupied property.

  • 10. Development programme for the development of National resources' i.e. Agriculture, Fisheries, Horticulture, Exploration, Natural beauty and the safe recovery of all natural potential deposits off our shores including Gas, Oil.

The present political system is ripping our society apart, because its only duty is to protect the financial interest of the world rich. We must demand what is right for society now; our people's welfare must take precedence over the protection of the wealthy.

Stand with what is right and bring about the necessary changes. Become a member of Citizens rights United and demand that right.

CRU is a peoples association and is open to everyone who wants to see an equal society.

Citizens Rights United Constitution and Rules

  • CRU is an organisation that will work for, and in the interest of a just and equal society.

  • Shall work in the interest, and will offer support and guidance, and offer leadership and help to the best of its ability any peoples, organisation or grouping seeking justice and equality.

  • Shall not hinder or deny membership to any person who adheres to the Constitution.

  • Shall not work in the interests of or support any political or other grouping that does not support the Bendanway political System.

  • Shall have individual and group membership

  • Shall have if members wish; area committees or groups set up where members feel necessary.

  • The membership shall fund it.

  • Shall consider and discuss all requests or recommendations from its members and where necessary support the reality of such.

Are you a person who is a single parent, unemployed, a pensioner, in debt, have a home in negative equity, having to leave the country seeking work, a small business poisoned in red-tape, a person or group suffering from government changes which effect you, your community and the environment.

Then you should become a member of Citizens Rights United.


Citizens Rights United Election Manifesto and Government

Citizens Rights United will contest the next General election, not as a political Party but as an Association, we will be seeking the support of the electorate to create the free and equal Ireland that Generations desired; they fought, hungered, prayed, hoped, and died for it.

We will create a true and honest Republic whereby a Government will be elected by the people for the people, and that the citizens will have control over their own destiny.

We challenge anyone who believes in equality to come on board now and help us bring justice to all the people.

We call on elected representatives, Unions, Organisations, Action Groups, Community Bodies and individuals interested in the welfare of our people to stand with us in this election campaign

Ireland is not a republic nor is it independent; an on paper republic or a strangled Independence is not a free country and it residents are also not free.

Ireland is trapped in a failed rotten political system, the trap must be sprung and let our people control their own destiny.

We will introduce in total the Brendanway Political System that will end corruption and bring equality to all the people. There will be no compromise of this Manifesto, which is also the Citizens Rights United programme for Government.


We offer a new and reformed Ireland for all resident Irish citizens.

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  • Equal rights for all residential citizens.

  • A guaranteed National liveable income.

  • Free health from conception to death.

  • Free Education from the age of four years to the age of twenty two years.

  • Free dinners to pupils in first and second level. (Non means tested.)

  • National Income to the sick, unemployed, pensioners, stay at home parents and carers.

  • Guaranteed residential homecare for senior citizens.

  • The National Income €350 a week will be available to all qualifying resident citizens including those who were self-employed. (Non means tested.)

  • The minimum wage will be €11.25 an hour.

  • Total reform of the tax system reducing the tax burden on the P.A.Y.E. worker.

  • National Income to the unemployed will not be altered by the number of days or hours one works, but will be calculated on monetary terms, and they will be allowed to earn €112.50 a week without effecting their National Income.

  • A person on National Income be allowed to earn €112,50 a week without affecting their National Income.

  • A jobs creation programme.

  • Elimination of Social housing waiting lists.

  • Elimination of hospital waiting lists.

  • Creation of a housing system for those who want to own their home. (First time buyers.)

  • Residential Property will be at the Revenue valuation and any mortgage burden above that valuation will be written of at no cost to the tax-payer, and all mortgages will be re-scheduled.

  • Arbitration body for solving residential disputes.

  • Mid-Term elections for Regional Parliaments.

  • Regional management of Heath, Education, tourism and local councils.

  • Commercial and Industrial rates will charged on profit only.

  • Constitutional control of environmental and landscape alteration.

  • Constitutional control of National assets such as electricity, oil, gas, water, forestry, agricultural and fishing.

  • A ban on fracking and full support for anti- fracking groups throughout the world.

  • A free vote parliament (no whip) all elected representatives will have their independence. The only thing they will have to adhere to will be the programme for government that they helped set up and agreed. All elected representatives will have an input in setting up the programme for government.

  • Annual Budgets will be openly discussed and framed in Parliament.

  • A referendum offering citizens the choice of parliamentary change.

Please email us at with your name and any comments or questions you have.

Con Darcy 2009

Statement issued 9th of January 2015

The following statement was issued by Con Darcy, President of Citizens Rights United

'News from Lucinda Creighton and her new political party lacks the strength of hope for Irish people. It's the same old system dressed in new clothes.

It's just another political party with the same agenda of upholding and protecting the corrupt political system that has destroyed our country. The people are now well aware of the self-serving political elite; when one master fails another is born.

The birth of Creighton's brigade will fool no one.

The Irish people do not want any more controlling governing masters looking after the master's interest; but they the people must control their own destiny and create an open and caring political system.

The master is in place because of the client and therefore must always be a servant of the client."

Signed Con Darcy, President